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Sell Red or Pink Baseball Bracelets with your team logo. ONLY $2.00 for quantity 50+


Baseband Bracelets

Welcome to Basebands!  Basebands offers Today's Best Baseball Bracelets and Baseball Necklaces. We keep our products up to date with hot teams, division leaders, and just gotta have merchandise.

Basebands also offers custom Baseball Bracelets for Major League Baseball Promotions and Baseball Fundraisers. Design these Authentic Baseball Bracelets to represent your team or theme of your event.  With each Baseband individually packaged with a 3x4 inch custom card, the CreateAcard, you can take your marketing efforts to the next level. 

Basebands goes above and beyond all the requirements for any Major or Minor League Promotion.  Connect your sponsor to your team, enhance any theme night, give incentives or collect fan data.  Whatever you’re trying to achieve through your promotion, Basebands has all the bases covered. For a great Fundraiser, it doesn’t matter if you're a High School baseball team, Softball team, or a Travel baseball team, Basebands offers a fundraiser designed for Baseball.   Parents love using Basebands for their team’s baseball fundraiser.  A product that doesn’t spoil, could be sold all season long and distinguishes the team supporters across town.  This concept has helped many teams earn strong revenues quickly. Thanks to feedback from our clients, they wanted a way to receive Basebands even faster. For orders of Pink or Red Basebands, we can ship out your team's Basebands within a few days.

Now, even your dog can enjoy baseball as much as you do. Baseball Dog Collars looks just like the seam of a baseball and dogs love it.


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Baseball Bracelets

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This blog has everything from pictures of others using Basebands, recent news, and much more. With such a diverse product, Basebands has been a great part of a variety of events. Basebands has help plenty of teams become more prepared for their season, enhanced birthday parties, awarded much deserving players, gain spirit with their fans, united baseball moms, and many other great stories. So check out our blog for ideas and current events. Feel free to post your own comments.


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